DEFCON;16 OpenVMS Presentation Information!

DEFCON;16 featured talk about "Hacking OpenVMS". Here's the information from the DEFCON web site:

"OpenVMS is considered a highly secure and reliable operating system relied upon by large enterprises around the globe such as Stock Exchanges, Governments and Infrastructure for critical operations. Our talk will focus on subverting the security of the OpenVMS operating system in a number of new and creative ways. There will be an initial brief introduction to the OS basics, security model and its core features. We will also talk about things we perceive as flaws in the security model and weaknesses in the security features provided by OpenVMS. There will also be a practical demonstration of the 0day vulnerabilities found, ranging from logical to memory corruption bugs, along with discussion on how these were found and exploited and obstacles encountered in the process."

The example "exploit" videos

Hosted at the OpenVMS Deathrow Cluster